Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Woah, so much for daily posts...

I got so swamped with the end of school and starting my summer job that I completely neglected my blog! Sorry for all you people that read it (pfft. I don't think anyone does. If you do, let me know! ^.^). Anyways, lots has been happening. I'm back working my summer job at Pine Run, and stressing about life.

Lots of craft stuff to report. I've been doing loads of shirt stenciling.. I've kind of gotten addicted to it. I joined my first craft swap over at Craftster. Its supernatural themed, of course, but I won't be posting any of my completed things here till after my partner receives. Don't want to spoil the surprise! Learned a few new crafts, have made a bunch of candles, did my first clothing recon, and loads of knitting.


Evil Giraffe Shirt (Eddie Izzard Joke)

Director Shirt

Bottom Right


Top Left.

Chance (version 1)

Chance (Version 2)

Skirt Recon

Tony Awards Shrug (Unfinished)

Central Park Hoodie (Unfinished)

There's other stuff, but I either don't have pictures of them, or I don't want to ruin the craft swap surprise!

Less than 4 days till the Tonys!

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